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What should you look for when hiring an office cleaning company in Sydney?

When it comes to hire an office cleaning company in Sydney, there are several basic things to look for to help you avoid losing hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars as a result of hiring the wrong Sydney commercial cleaning company. Here are they:

  • Search for client testimonials. Look up the cleaning company’s website and search for client testimonials.
    This is very important as it tells you the first-hand experiences of a customer about the cleaning company’s
    performance. The number of clients is also a good measurement. Although more clients don’t necessary equal to
    better service, it at least indicates that you are hiring a company that’s trusted by a number of other
    companies. So it would be a nice thing to look for.
  • Check out their employee training system. An office cleaning company is a people investment, not actually the
    machines. If the office cleaning company cannot provide a concrete system in hiring and training their
    employees, there is a big chance for that office cleaning company to have inconsistent service standard. So
    ask them how they select their cleaner and train them, how do they maintain a consistent cleaning quality for
    your office in the long term.
  • Find out the office cleaning company’s quality assurance. When meeting with the office cleaning company, ask
    them how they can assure the quality of their work. If you are not satisfied with their performance, what
    would they do? If they can provide you a mutual solution, you have more confidence in hiring them. You can
    also check the firm’s website and look for the “satisfaction guaranteed” statement. You need better assurance
    than oral promise.
  • Check the office cleaning company’s contract options. When signing a contract with an office cleaning
    company, there is always a concern of not having a consistent performance during the contract term. Thus it
    would be wise to negotiate a contract-less agreement where the service agreement can be terminated at any time
    if the cleaning service is not satisfied. This way you can try out their service initially without being tied
    up with them on a fixed term.

    Hiring the right cleaning company can avoid you to waste time and effort chasing up cleaning quality or cleaning
    issue later on, so it is definitely worth to invest time to consider the supplier carefully.