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  • Are you feeling deflated about the standard of cleaning supplied by your gym cleaners?
  • Are your gym cleaners losing their attention to detail, getting careless and sloppy, and becoming too comfortable?
  • Are your members starting to complain about the standard of cleaning within the gym?
  • When you provide guidance and feedback, do your gym cleaners act quickly to rectify any issues?
  • Are you bound by a contract, meaning you can’t walk away and find alternative gym cleaners?

You’re not alone. Many gyms and health facilities are in exactly the same
position. But that’s okay, we’re here to help. You see, you’re in the business
of fitness, and we’re in the business of keeping your gym in tip top shape.
Together, let’s get some results.

When you partner with A Plus Clean Team you’ll:

  • Attract new members because you have a sparkling facility that reflects professionalism
  • Retain members because people will want to keep working out in their spotless gym
  • Increase motivation by providing clean, cutting-edge facilities that will deliver fitness results
  • Reduce the spread of infection
  • Have a gym that will shine while members sweat

A PLUS 15-Point Peace of Mind Promise

You know that satisfied, relieved feeling after a tough workout?    You can feel that way now, because your search for gym cleaners is over.

Trusted by 200+ Clients

Trusted by 200+ Clients

You’ll feel reassured by our client. Our amazing 200+ Sydney clients frequently refer us to their friends, family and colleagues. Read some of their testimonials.

Honest, dedicated cleaners

Honest, dedicated cleaners

You won’t worry about the wellbeing of your gym property or premises. Your cleaners will have the highest integrity and a friendly ‘can do’ work attitude.

Supervisor checking system

Supervisor checking system

You’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience. Your gym cleaning staff will have their own high standards of quality, but we also have a Supervisor Checking System.



You’ll save money. Affordable gym and health facility cleaning involves cleaning of the highest quality at the most competitive rate. Cheap gym cleaning can cost you more in the long run, especially if you start losing members.

No contracts. No risk.

No contracts. No risk.

You’ll enjoy an invigorating sense of freedom. Although it’s unlikely you will, you can walk away at any time. We’d rather you hire us out of choice, not obligation.

Hassle free

Hassle free

You can finally relax. When you hire us as your Sydney gym cleaners, you’ll have cleaners who get in, do their job, and leave your gym sparkling. No stress. No pain. Simple as that.

100% Satisfaction - Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed

You’ll love the risk-free experience. If you’re not satisfied with our gym cleaning, neither are we. If there’s some aspect of our cleaning we didn’t get right, we’ll fix it, or you’ll get that visit for free.



You feel reassured by the speed of our responsiveness. Don’t wait weeks to get your answers about any aspect of your gym cleaning. Your calls and emails will be responded to quickly.



You’ll love our customisation. We fit around you and your gym cleaning needs, not the other way around. You tell us what you want and we’ll customise a solution based on your requests.

One stop shop

One stop shop

You’ll save time and money. You’ll benefit from our range of standard gym and health care facility cleaning services, along with additional services such as polishing & resealing floors, and window cleaning.

The unique A PLUS ‘Fresh Start’ Special Offer

The unique A PLUS ‘Fresh Start’ Special Offer

When you partner with A Plus Clean Team, you start with a ‘clean’ slate. You’ll enjoy a comprehensive gym clean for a heavily discounted rate.

Fully insured

Fully insured

You’ll feel further peace of mind, strength and protection because we’re fully insured for all gym and health facility cleaning. You can request to see our paperwork at any time.

Socially responsible

Socially responsible

You’ll feel excited about using our gym cleaning services. When you hire us, you also help the environment. We’re proud supporters of Clean Up Australia.



You’ll feel a sense of ease. We’ve been in business for over 12 years, so if you want a long-term gym cleaning partner, we’re the Sydney gym cleaning company for you.

Superior products

Superior products

There’s no point having brilliant cleaners if we skimp on gym cleaning products. Your health facility premises will be sparkling and fresh, with even the toughest protein stains removed!

A Plus Clean Team’s 15 Point Peace of Mind Pledge
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Wondering why our valued clients love working with us so much? please read their glowing A+ Reviews.

Graeme Gillies

Managing DirectorGrayboy Pty Limited

A Plus Clean Team has been responsible for our weekly cleaning for the past 2 years.
In that time we have found their services to be supplied most reliably. They are honest, quick to follow up on matters, and clean efficiently without disruption to our small business.
We would recommend them for any similar work in this area.

Grayboy Pty Limited

Joe Walker

Owner & Head InstructorJoe's Boxing & Primativ Warrior

Cleaning is Cleaning something I hate to do and so unproductive for me to be doing but so important to my business. I decided to pay for someone to come in once a week and luckily I ended up with A+ Clean Team.
I have some 500 visitors to my studio per week and this has taken a huge load off me. I now basically apart from minor tidying have that one clean last a whole week.

Joe's Boxing & Primativ Warrior

Cheryl Ladikos

Practice Manager, Registered NursePure Aesthetics

A Plus Clean Team has thoroughly maintained the cleanliness of our rooms every week since 2006. They perform all additional cleaning requests in a timely manner and their arrangement is to come after hours, which is very important so that we can continue with business as usual. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Pure Aesthetics
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Frequently Asked Questions about Gym Cleaning in Sydney

Q: I don’t want to be locked into a contract. Do you lock clients into a contract?

A: No, rest assured, we don’t lock you into a contract. After all, you’d never lock your valued gym clients into a lifelong health and fitness contract, and we certainly would never lock you into a long-term contract either. In fact, you won’t even be locked into a short-term contract with us! You’ll have the option to stay with A Plus Clean Team out of satisfaction, not obligation. No contracts. No hassles.

Q: Our last gym cleaners promised a quality clean every single time, but they didn’t stick to that promise. You’re saying the same. Why should I trust you?

A: Because we’re as committed to customer satisfaction as you are.

You make excellent promises to your gym clients all the time. You promise to give expert advice, to keep clients motivated, to help them get results, to offer premium equipment and hygienic premises. You live up to your promises, and so will we.

We believe gym cleaning is a bit like doing the perfect Clean and Press. There is heavy lifting involved and the correct form is vital.

Also, we have many safeguards in place to ensure we maintain our sparkling standards.

  • Your gym premises will be cleaned with pride and gusto. We hire amazing people who treat your premises like their own personal gym.
  • Your gym cleaners will be comprehensively trained, which means there’s no room for sloppiness. We provide comprehensive 3-Tier staff training.
  • Your gym cleaners have their own internal quality assurance, which means every clean must receive an A Plus grade. You don’t have to chase up on quality, it’s in-built in every one of our gym cleaners.
  • You have a double layer of protection due to random supervisor checks who’ll keep an eye on the cleaning quality within your gym.
  • Your dedicated account manager will follow up with you. Any problems, we’ll fix them fast. Not fixed? You get that day’s gym cleaning for free.
Q: What sort of cleaners will be coming into our gym? Can I trust them?

A: Yes, you can trust them implicitly. And here’s why. Hiring gym staff can’t be an easy task. There’s so many experienced trainers to choose from, all of them who are excellent candidates, but probably only a handful who are exceptional. We are in exactly the same position when hiring cleaners. It’s a rigorous and exhausting process, but a vital one. Like you, we’re looking for team players who work toward the common goal of quality service and excellent customer relations, and importantly, who have the utmost integrity.

Q: I just don’t want any hassles. Do you keep an eye on the gym cleaning quality?

A: Yes. You’ve got a gym to run so the last thing you need is to have the headache of worrying about gym cleaning quality. Our on-site supervisors report back to management after their regular checks, providing reports and photos. We do all the quality control so you can just keep running the best gym in Sydney!

Q: What if I have a problem? Who do I speak to?

A: Your friendly, approachable account manager who will listen and fix any gym cleaning issues in a timely manner.

Q: The last cleaning company listened to issues but did nothing, or acted too slowly. Why are you any different?

A: Again, we have the same philosophy as you do. If your gym members have an issue, you take it seriously and rectify the problem promptly, because you want happy, satisfied clients. And let’s face it, one unhappy client can lead to many more!

Also, with us, you’re not locked into a gym cleaning contract. If you’re unhappy, you’ll leave. If you’ve raised an issue with the Account manager he’ll work to solve it as fast as possible and then follow up with you to ensure the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Q: You say you’re trusted by 200+ clients. You sound really professional, does this mean you’re too expensive for us?

A: No. You can absolutely afford us!  Every Sydney gym should have access to the highest standards of cleaning at the most competitive price. Contact us today, you’ll be surprised at how affordable we are.

Q: I’d like to read reviews and testimonials from other clients, where are they?

A: Please read our wonderful testimonials on this page. We value working with our gym clients as much as they value working with us. We’re like committed gym partners!

Q: There are so many gym cleaners out there. Tell me why should I choose you?

A: You’re right, there are many gym cleaners in Sydney, so why choose us? The main reason is peace of mind. To find out more, please read our 15 point Peace of Mind promise.

Q: Will you provide a comprehensive gym-specific clean?

A: Yes! We understand gyms. Take proteins stains, for example. These can wreak havoc on gym carpets, making them soggy, crusty and unappealing. They can be some of the most stubborn stains to remove, but we have just the right cleaning products and skills to remove all these hard-to-budge stains.

Importantly, your mirrors need a substantial polish, with no finger marks or blotches – only sparkle! Your members rely on the mirrors to check out their form and physiques, that’s why we’re fastidious about our own cleaning form.

All your gym equipment will be given special attention to ensure they’re clean, hygienic and appealing to members.

Q: What do your Sydney Gym Cleaning services include?


It’s the perfect cleaning workout for your gym! You can have any personalised package you need, but in general most packages include:

  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • Cleaning the changing room
  • Wiping down gym equipment and surface of machine
  • Cleaning the sauna, shower, common area, mirror, windows
Q: We run a 24 hour fitness centre, how will you accommodate our members while cleaning?

A: Who wants a vacuum cleaner buzzing by their feet when they’re doing a squat or lifting weights? No one! Your members want to work out in peace, and rightfully so. We know exactly how to clean the space thoroughly but discreetly so your members can focus on deadlifts not disturbances!

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