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  • Are you unhappy with your current warehouse cleaners?
  • Are warehouse cleaners getting slack, sloppy and complacent?
  • When you provide feedback about the state of the warehouse cleaning, does anyone actually listen or take action?
  • Are you locked into a warehouse cleaning contract, unable to walk away, even though that’s what you desperately want to do?
  • Or perhaps you’ve just relocated to a new warehouse and need hard-working, affordable cleaners?

You’re not alone. Many warehouse managers are looking for
trustworthy cleaners for exactly these reasons.

When you partner with A Plus Clean Team you’ll:

  • Increase productivity because a clean space is an efficient space
  • Reduce hazards and keep everyone safe due to less dirt, dust, spills and so on
  • Improve morale because everyone is working in an organised, calm & uplifting area
  • Keep your warehouse or factory running smoothly for all the reasons stated above!

A PLUS 15-Point Peace of Mind Promise

When companies find us they breathe a huge sigh of relief.    We’re totally different to other Sydney cleaning companies.

Trusted by 200+ Clients

Trusted by 200+ Clients

You’ll feel reassured by our large client base. Our 200+ Sydney clients frequently refer us to their friends, family and colleagues. Read some of their testimonials.

Honest, dedicated cleaners

Honest, dedicated cleaners

You won’t worry about your warehouse premises cleaning anymore. You’ll only work with cleaners who have the highest integrity and the most positive work attitude.

Supervisor checking system

Supervisor checking system

You’ll enjoy an easy, hassle-free experience. Our warehouse cleaning staff have exceptional quality standards. We also have a Supervisor Checking System, ensuring your warehouse will be spotless.



You’ll save a warehouse full of money! Affordable warehouse cleaning is cleaning of the highest quality at the most competitive rate. Cheap warehouse cleaning is cheap and low quality.

No contracts. No risk.

No contracts. No risk.

You’ll enjoy a great sense of freedom. You can walk away any time. We’d rather you stick with us as your warehouse cleaners out of choice, not obligation.

Hassle free

Hassle free

You can finally relax. When you hire us, we get in, do our job and leave your warehouse dust-free, hygienic and sparkling. No headaches. No hassles.

100% Satisfaction - Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed

You’ll love the risk-free experience. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we. If there’s some aspect of our warehouse cleaning visit we didn’t get right, we’ll fix it, or you’ll get that visit for free.



You’ll feel pleased by our responsiveness. Your call or email will be addressed the same working day. You’ll never wait weeks to get your answers about any aspects of your warehouse clean.



You’ll love our customisation. Tell us your needs and we’ll customise a warehouse cleaning package or solution based on your requirements.

One stop shop

One stop shop

We offer additional warehouse cleaning services as well, such as high rise window clean and floor polish and reseal. You save time and money because we’re a one stop shop!

The unique A PLUS ‘Fresh Start’ Special Offer

The unique A PLUS ‘Fresh Start’ Special Offer

This will be music to your ears … when you partner with A Plus Clean Team, you start with a ‘clean’ slate. We do an initial, comprehensive warehouse clean for a heavily discounted rate.

Fully insured

Fully insured

You’ll feel full peace of mind because we’re fully insured. You can request to see our paperwork at any time.

Socially responsible

Socially responsible

You’ll feel good about hiring us, because when you hire A Plus Clean Team, you also help the environment. We’re proud supporters of Clean Up Australia.



You’ll feel a sense of relief. We’ve been in business for over 12 years, so if you want a long-term warehouse cleaning partner, we’re the cleaning company for you.

Superior products

Superior products

You’ll be happy with our exceptional results. Your warehouse premises will be spotless as a result of our premium cleaning products.

A Plus Clean Team’s 15 Point Peace of Mind Pledge
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Valued clients are our greatest advocates and supporters. For your peace of mind, please read their testimonials.

Chris Janz

Managing DirectorAllure Media

I am delighted to provide this reference for A Plus Clean Team. A Plus Clean Team has cleaned our offices since May 2008. The company has proven not only to be reliable and trustworthy, but also highly competent, efficient and professional. No task is ever a hassle.
I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Allure Media

Alex Newcombe

Office ManagerRoot Projects

It is with pleasure that I hereby provide a reference for A Plus Clean Team. They have proven to be a reliable service provider to our organisation completing cleaning tasks in a timely fashion.
I would have no concerns in recommending A Plus Clean Team to other organisations seeking to employ an honest cleaner committed to delivering results to the highest standard.

Root Projects

Tracy Duggan

Office ManagerZenith

We have been using A+Plus Clean Team for some time now and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for such services.
They do their job whether large or small, with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, with only the aim to complete the job to the best standard.
We have used A+Clean Team during our renovations and they have been more than happy to adapt to the varying tasks and schedules, to assist us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Warehouse Cleaning in Sydney

Q: I hate being locked into a contract! Will you lock me into one?

A: No, we’ll never lock you into a contract. We hate contracts as much as you do. By being contract-free, you have absolute flexibility, freedom, and peace of mind; and it keeps us working hard for you at all times.

Q: Our last warehouse cleaners made a lot of promises, which they promptly broke. Will you be the same? How do I know you’ll maintain your quality standards and professional warehouse cleaning?

A: We assure you that we won’t be the same. Please read all the rigorous safeguards we have in place:

  • Your warehouse will be cleaned with pride by excellent staff who treat your warehouse with respect.
  • Your warehouse cleaners will be comprehensively trained, which means there’s no room for substandard work.
  • Your warehouse cleaners have their own in-built quality assurance training, so you don’t have to follow up on quality.
  • You have more than one layer of protection, thanks to our random supervisor checks.
  • Your dedicated account manager will keep in touch with you. Any problems, we’ll get them fixed, fast. Not fixed? You get that day’s cleaning for free.
Q: Who is coming to clean our warehouse? Can I trust them?

A: Yes!  Your warehouse is its own micro-world of expensive property; you need to know the cleaners entering it are trustworthy. We only hire people who treat your warehouse with respect and honesty.

Q: I’m too busy to keep an eye on the quality standards of the cleaning staff. Will someone else do this for me?

A: Yes. You have a million tasks to do in your whirlwind warehouse day, so we make sure that keeping an eye on quality is not one of them. That’s our job!

With A Plus Clean Team you can virtually ‘set and forget’. Your warehouse is checked periodically by on-site supervisors who report back to management, providing photos and written reports. When you hire us, we’ll do all the quality control so you can just focus on being productive in your spotless, dust-free warehouse.

Q: What if I have an issue? Are you guys too busy to speak to me?

A: We are never too busy to speak to you, you are our number one priority. We’re not just cleaners, we’re customer service professionals. If you have an issue, you can speak to your friendly account manager at any time who will listen attentively, and fix issues fast.

Q: Our last cleaning company listened to issues but did nothing, or acted too slowly. Why are you any different?

A: You have a valid concern, so please let us reassure you. Our main difference is you aren’t locked into a contract with us. If you’re not happy with any aspect of our service or quality, you have the freedom to instantly find another warehouse cleaner. And of course, we don’t want that … this gives us a strong incentive to be on our A game at all times! If you’ve raised an issue with the Account manager he’ll work to fix it as fast as possible, and then follow up with you to ensure it’s been resolved to your satisfaction.

Q: You sound professional and trusted, but is your warehouse cleaning too expensive?

A: No way. We believe every Sydney warehouse should have access to the highest standards of cleaning at the most affordable price. Contact us today, you’ll be surprised at how affordable we are.

Q: Do you have reviews and testimonials I can read?

A: Yes, we have several wonderful testimonials and reviews. Please read our testimonials on this page.

Q: There are so many warehouse cleaning companies out there. Tell me why should I choose you?

A: It’s a valid and excellent question! You can choose from many Sydney warehouse cleaners, so, why would you choose us? The reason is quite simple: peace of mind. To find out more, please read our 15 point Peace of Mind promise.

Q: Do you understand our specific warehouse cleaning needs?

A: Yes. A warehouse is like a busy bee hive. Everyone has their task, and works diligently and conscientiously to keep all warehouse processes running smoothly and effectively.

We understand that. And we understand that in order for everything to run smoothly, your warehouse needs to be clean, dust-free and hygienic.

We also understand the importance of hazard reduction and contamination management. All the while, we adhere to your strict regulations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Q: What does your warehouse and factory cleaning include?


We can create a customised warehouse cleaning package for you. In general, warehouse cleaning includes:

  • Office clean
  • Warehouse floor clean
  • Sweeping the floor
  • Polishing the floor
  • Bathroom clean
  • Kitchen

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