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  • Are you displeased with the quality of your child care centre cleaning at the moment?
  • Are child care centre cleaners cutting corners rather than doing a thorough job?
  • When you raise issues with management, do they take these issues as seriously as they should?
  • Are you tied to the child care centre cleaners due to an airtight contract that protects them but restricts you?
  • Or perhaps, have you just relocated and need excellent, hard-working, affordable Sydney child care centre cleaners?

You’re not alone.Many child care centres are looking for new
cleaners for exactly the above reasons.

When you partner with A Plus Clean Team you’ll:

  • Reduce the risk of infections and sick days for both staff and children
  • Improve morale and happiness for both staff and children
  • Reassure parents with your vibrant, clean and hygienic environment

A PLUS 15-Point Peace of Mind Promise

You want the best, most affordable cleaners for your child care centre.    The good news is, we have just the right cleaners for you!

Trusted by 200+ Clients

Trusted by 200+ Clients

You’ll feel reassured by our substantial client base. Our wonderful 200+ Sydney clients frequently refer us to their friends and colleagues. Here are their testimonials.

Honest, dedicated cleaners

Honest, dedicated cleaners

You won’t worry about the safety and security of your child care property or premises. You’ll only work with cleaners who have the highest integrity and the most positive work attitude.

Supervisor checking system

Supervisor checking system

You’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience. Your child care centre cleaners will have high standards of quality, but we also have a Supervisor Checking System.



You’ll save money, lots of it. Affordable child care cleaning is cleaning of the highest quality at the most competitive rate. Cheap child care cleaning is cheap and low quality.

No contracts. No risk.

No contracts. No risk.

You’ll enjoy independence. You can walk away any time. We’d rather you stick with us out of choice, not obligation. (Yes, you heard right. No contracts!)

Hassle free

Hassle free

You can finally relax. When you hire us, we get in, do our job brilliantly and leave your child care centre hygienic and sparkling. No stress. No headaches.

100% Satisfaction - Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed

You’ll appreciate the risk-free experience. If you’re not happy, neither are we. If there’s some aspect of our clean we didn’t get right, we’ll fix it, or you’ll get that visit for free.



You’ll be thrilled about our responsiveness. Your call or email will be addressed the same day. You’ll never wait weeks to get your answers.



You’ll love our personalisation. Tell us your needs and we’ll customise a child care centre cleaning package based on your requirements.

One stop shop

One stop shop

We offer additional child care centre cleaning services such as polishing and resealing floors, intensively sanitising children’s bathrooms to remove odours, and so much more. You save time and money – no more hunting down more than one supplier!

The unique A PLUS ‘Fresh Start’ Special Offer

The unique A PLUS ‘Fresh Start’ Special Offer

You’ll especially love this …when you partner with A Plus Clean Team, you’ll start with a ‘clean’ slate. You’ll enjoy an initial, comprehensive child care centre clean for a heavily discounted rate.

Fully insured

Fully insured

You’ll feel total peace of mind and protection because we are, of course, fully insured. You can request to see our paperwork at any time.

Socially responsible

Socially responsible

You’ll feel excited about using our cleaning services. When you hire us, you also help the environment. We’re proud supporters of Clean Up Australia.



You’ll feel reassured. We’ve been in business for over 12 years, so if you want a long-term cleaning partner, you’ll want to choose us as your Sydney child care cleaning company.

Superior products

Superior products

You’ll be thrilled with the clean. Your child care premises will be sparkling as a result of our premium products. Yes, we can even remove the most difficult crayon stains!

A Plus Clean Team’s 15 Point Peace of Mind Pledge
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Wonder what our clients say about us? Check out their A + experiences.

Alex Newcombe

Office ManagerRoot Projects

It is with pleasure that I hereby provide a reference for A Plus Clean Team. They have proven to be a reliable service provider to our organisation completing cleaning tasks in a timely fashion.
I would have no concerns in recommending A Plus Clean Team to other organisations seeking to employ an honest cleaner committed to delivering results to the highest standard.

Root Projects

Julia Corbett

OwnerUntil P/L

I would like the thank the A+ Plus Clean Team for providing our company with a reliable, professional and quality cleaning service. It means a great deal to be able to open our doors to your staff and trust week on week that the job will be done on time and flawlessly. I will tell other companies about your service.

Until P/L

Tracy Duggan

Office ManagerZenith

We have been using A+Plus Clean Team for some time now and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for such services.
They do their job whether large or small, with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, with only the aim to complete the job to the best standard.
We have used A+Clean Team during our renovations and they have been more than happy to adapt to the varying tasks and schedules, to assist us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Child Care Cleaning services in Sydney

Q: Can I leave at any time? I don’t like being locked into a contract!

A: Not only can you leave at any time, but you aren’t even locked into a contract at all! You read correctly.  We are so confident about our cleaning quality and customer service that you’re not locked in for any minimum period of time.

Q: Our last child care cleaners promised so much but their standards deteriorated quickly. Will you be the same? How do I know you’ll maintain your quality standards and professional cleaning?

A: This is such an excellent question, and probably one of the most common. You’ve possibly been burned by a child care cleaning situation in the past, and don’t want to make the same mistake again? We can understand that, what a headache!

You’ll be pleased to know that we have several safeguards in place to ensure we maintain our excellent reputation of consistently high-quality cleaning.

  • Your child care centre will be cleaned with pride. We hire diligent staff who treat your child care centre as though each room is like their own room, or their child’s room.
  • Your cleaners will be thoroughly trained, which means there’s no room for tardiness, sloppiness or substandard cleaning. We provide comprehensive 3-Tier staff training.
  • Your cleaners have their own high standards of cleaning, which is in-built within each of them.
  • You have many layers of protection because our supervisors conduct random checks.
  • Your dedicated account manager will follow up with you. If there’s any issues, any issues at all, we’ll fix them ASAP. Not fixed? You get that day’s cleaning for free.

Like you, we aren’t just in the business of providing a service, we actually care. It’s as important in our line as it is in yours.

Q: Who is coming to clean our child care premises? Can I trust them?

A: Yes, you can!

Although no children will be around when we’re cleaning, you still need to know that you’ll have trustworthy cleaners on your premises. All our staff are recruited in a rigorous and strict manner. We only hire child care centre cleaners who take the utmost pride in their work, who are polite and friendly, and who have the highest levels of integrity.

Q: I don’t want to have to check and double check the quality standards of the child care cleaning staff. Will someone else do this for me?

A: Yes.

Being a child care centre director or manager must be one of the busiest roles around. When you’re not buried in paperwork, you’re overseeing your staff, and of course keeping on top of issues relating to the children. It’s almost like a 24/7 job! The last thing we expect you to do is worry about the quality of the child care centre cleaning. We do this, it’s our job.

We are virtually a ‘set and forget’ service. Your workplace is checked periodically by on-site supervisors who report back to management, providing photos and written reports. When you hire us, we’ll do all the quality control so that you can just focus on running your wonderful child care centre.

Q: What if I have an issue? Are you guys too busy to speak to me?

A: We’re never too busy to speak with you.

If a parent comes to you with an issue, you’d make time for them because you know their issue needs to be heard and addressed immediately. We feel the same way.  In the rare case that you have an issue, you can speak to your friendly account manager who is always available to listen and fix issues promptly.

Q: Our last cleaning company listened to issues but did nothing, or acted too slowly. Why are you any different?

A: I think because we can empathise with your situation.  Your world is a dynamic one. You have children in your care and staff to manage. You have to juggle a million balls and you need problems to be rectified quickly otherwise there can be real problems. We will never add to problems by being unresponsive.

And you know what the big difference is: you aren’t locked into a contract with A Plus Clean Team. If you’re unhappy, you’ll leave. As you can imagine, we don’t want that! If you’ve raised an issue with the Account manager he’ll work to solve it as fast as possible, and then follow up with you to ensure it’s been adequately and expertly resolved.

Q: You sound professional and trusted by many others, but does that mean you’re too expensive for our child care centre?

A: No, don’t worry about that at all, we’re completely affordable. Just as every child should have access to fantastic child care, we believe every Sydney child care centre should have access to the best child care centre cleaners in Sydney. Contact us today, you will be surprised at how affordable we are.

Q: Do you have reviews and testimonials I can read?

A: Definitely! Please peruse our testimonials on this page.

Q: There are so many child care cleaning companies in Sydney. Tell me why should I choose you?

A: Well, that’s a very good question! There are hundreds of child care cleaners around, so why choose us? The main reason is peace of mind. To find out more, please read our 15 point peace of mind promise.

Q: Do you understand our specific child care centre cleaning needs?

A: Yes. Children look at the world through an alluring kaleidoscope of fun and creativity. They don’t care about germs, dirt, grime and stains.

But we do. We care very much. We love cleaning Sydney child care centres because they’re beautiful, colourful places for children to play and learn. Child care centres are also where you and your staff spend a sizeable chunk of your day. For these reasons, we want to make your child care centre as comfortable, inviting, hygienic and vibrant as possible.

We understand the specific requirements for childcare centres, and the exacting level of hygiene and cleanliness required. We always use PH neutral cleaning solutions to ensure there are no negative effects on children. We’re pedantic about germ transference, of course! We have coded cloths to use in different areas to avoid cross contamination of germs.

We want to help lift the mood by lowering the mess, all at an affordable investment!

Q: What does your child care centre cleaning involve?

A: We can customise a package for you, but in general we clean:

  • Outdoor playground
  • Indoor area
  • Children’s napping rooms
  • Play rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms

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