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  • Are you unhappy with your current school cleaners?
  • Are school cleaners getting slack, losing their attention to detail and becoming too complacent?
  • When you provide feedback, does anyone take notice and take prompt action?
  • Are you locked into a contract with your school cleaner, unable to break it without a penalty?

You’re not alone. Many schools are looking for new
cleaners for exactly the same reasons.

When you partner with A Plus Clean Team you’ll:

  • Have a clean, optimal learning environment that improves focus, comfort and productivity for students and staff
  • Reduce the risk of illness and infection
  • Ensure parents are happy with their child’s school environment

A PLUS 15-Point Peace of Mind Promise

When companies find us they breathe a huge sigh of relief.    We’re totally different to other Sydney cleaning companies.

Trusted by 200+ Clients

Trusted by 200+ Clients

You’ll feel reassured by our client base. Our valued 200+ Sydney clients frequently refer us to their friends, family and colleagues. They’re our raving fans! Read some of their testimonials.

Honest, dedicated cleaners

Honest, dedicated cleaners

You won’t worry about your school cleaning again. You’ll only work with school cleaners who have the highest integrity and the most positive work attitude.

Supervisor checking system

Supervisor checking system

You’ll enjoy a trouble-free experience. Your cleaners will have meticulous standards of quality, but we also have a Supervisor Checking System as a second layer of protection.



You’ll save a lot of money. Affordable school cleaning is cleaning of the highest quality at the most competitive rate. Cheap cleaning is cheap and low quality.

No contracts. No risk.

No contracts. No risk.

You’ll have the freedom to walk away from our school cleaning arrangement at any time. You’ll want to stay with us out of choice, not obligation.

Hassle free

Hassle free

You can finally relax. When you hire us, we diligently get in, do our job and leave your school hygienic, sparkling and ready for learning. No stress. No pain.

100% Satisfaction - Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed

You’ll love the zero risk factor. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we. If there’s some aspect of our school cleaning visit we didn’t get right, we’ll rectify it, or you’ll get that visit for free.



You’ll feel relieved by our responsiveness. Your calls and emails will be responded to on the same day. You’ll never wait days or weeks to get answers.



You’ll love our tailored approach. Tell us your needs and we’ll personalise a school cleaning package or solution based on your requirements.

One stop shop

One stop shop

Save time and money by hiring us as your one supplier. You’ll enjoy additional school cleaning services as well, such as bathrooms periodically being sanitised, as well as floors being polished and resealed.

The unique A PLUS ‘Fresh Start’ Special Offer

The unique A PLUS ‘Fresh Start’ Special Offer

You’ll love this generous offer … when you partner with us, you start with a ‘clean’ slate. We do an initial, comprehensive clean for a heavily discounted rate.

Fully insured

Fully insured

You’ll feel total peace of mind and protection because we’re fully insured. You can request to see our paperwork at any time.

Socially responsible

Socially responsible

You encourage your students to pick up litter, and we encourage Australia to pick up litter! When you hire us, you also help the environment because we’re proud supporters of Clean Up Australia.



You’ll feel a sense of reassurance. We’ve been in business for over 12 years, so if you want a long-term partner, we’re the Sydney school cleaners for you.

Superior products

Superior products

You’ll be delighted with the sparkling results. Your school will be spotless as a result of our premium products.

A Plus Clean Team’s 15 Point Peace of Mind Pledge
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Want to see proof of our claims? Rest assured, we have many reviews for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Chris Janz

Managing DirectorAllure Media

I am delighted to provide this reference for A Plus Clean Team. A Plus Clean Team has cleaned our offices since May 2008. The company has proven not only to be reliable and trustworthy, but also highly competent, efficient and professional. No task is ever a hassle.
I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Allure Media

Joe Walker

Owner & Head InstructorJoe's Boxing & Primativ Warrior

Cleaning is Cleaning something I hate to do and so unproductive for me to be doing but so important to my business. I decided to pay for someone to come in once a week and luckily I ended up with A+ Clean Team.
I have some 500 visitors to my studio per week and this has taken a huge load off me. I now basically apart from minor tidying have that one clean last a whole week.

Joe's Boxing & Primativ Warrior

Alex Newcombe

Office ManagerRoot Projects

It is with pleasure that I hereby provide a reference for A Plus Clean Team. They have proven to be a reliable service provider to our organisation completing cleaning tasks in a timely fashion.
I would have no concerns in recommending A Plus Clean Team to other organisations seeking to employ an honest cleaner committed to delivering results to the highest standard.

Root Projects
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Frequently Asked Questions about School Cleaners in Sydney

Q: Can I walk away at any time? I hate being locked into a contract!

A: Yes, you can walk away at absolutely any time.

You’d never lock parents into keeping their students at your school for the duration of their learning. We’re the same, we won’t lock you into staying with us for any length of time. You are not bound to us in any way. This gives you freedom, flexibility and peace of mind; and it keeps us delivering quality at all times.

Q: Our last school cleaners made a lot promises they couldn’t keep. How do I know you’ll maintain your quality standards and professional cleaning?

A: This is a common question and you’re absolutely right to ask it. We hate false promises too!

You’ll be relieved to know you’re protected by several safety measures, all of which ensure we maintain our A + reputation of consistently high-quality, sparkling cleaning.

  • Your school will be cleaned with pride and joy. We hire amazing people who treat your school as though their own children or their relatives go there.
  • Your cleaners have the best cleaning education and training, which means there’s only room for A+ cleaning results. We provide comprehensive 3-Tier staff training.
  • Your cleaners have their own high standards of cleaning. You don’t have to chase up on quality because they set the bar high all on their own.
  • You have an extra layer of protection thanks to our random supervisor checks.
  • Your dedicated account manager will be in touch with you periodically. Any problems, we’ll fix it fast. Not fixed to your satisfaction? You get that day’s cleaning for free.
Q: Who is coming to clean our school premises? Can I trust them?

A: Yes.  Although no children will be around when we’re cleaning, you still need to know that the cleaners coming onto your school grounds are of the highest character and integrity.

You know what it’s like hiring a teacher, it’s a rigorous process. Well, we hire in an equally rigorous and strict manner. We only hire school cleaners who are polite and friendly, and who have the highest levels of integrity.

Q: Do you understand our school-specific cleaning needs?

A: Yes!

School cleaning may seem basic, but to be done effectively, it requires comprehensive training as well as a deep level of care. Every one of our cleaners has both the skills and care to make your school and classroom environments sparkling and hygienic in order to ensure students and teachers get the best out of each day. The carpet should be sprightly. The surfaces should be dust-free and sparkling. A clean environment equals a positive learning environment.

Q: I don’t want to have to check on the quality standards of cleaning staff. Will someone else do this for me?

A: Yes.

Your role in school management is an exhausting one. When you’re not buried in everyday tasks and processes, you’re overseeing your staff, and of course keeping abreast of issues relating to the students. We don’t want to add to your workload! We take care of quality control so you can pour all energy into your school.

In fact, we’re virtually a ‘set and forget’ service. Your school is checked periodically by on-site supervisors who report back to management, providing photos and written reports. When you hire us, we’ll do all the quality control so that you can just focus on running your school.

Q: What if I have an issue with the cleaning of our school? Are you too busy to talk to me?

A: No, we’re never too busy to talk to you. Whenever you need to speak to us, we’ll make ourselves available to you. In the rare case that you have an issue with the cleaning, you can speak to your friendly account manager who will listen and fix issues, fast.

Q: Our last school cleaning company made the time to listen but didn’t make the time to do anything, or they acted too slowly. Will you be any different?

A: Yes, we’ll be completely different. We can relate to your situation and completely empathise with it. Your daily routine is a hectic one. You have students in your care and staff to manage. You have to juggle a million tasks at one time and you need issues fixed fast, otherwise there can be real problems. We will never add to problems by being slack or tardy with unresponsiveness.

Probably the biggest difference between A PLUS Clean Team and other school cleaning companies is that we don’t lock you into a contract. If you’re not satisfied with our quality and service, you’ll leave. We don’t want that! If you’ve raised an issue with the Account manager he’ll resolve it as fast as possible, and then follow up with you to ensure you’re happy with the outcome.

Q: You sound professional and in demand, but are you too expensive for our school?

A: No. We believe every Sydney school should have access to the highest standards of cleaning at the most competitive price. Students, parents and teachers deserve an A Plus Clean! Contact us today, you will be surprised at how affordable we are.

Q: Do you have reviews and testimonials I can read?

A: Yes, of course. Please read our testimonials on this page. We love working with our clients!

Q: There are so many school cleaning companies out there. Tell me why should I choose you?

A: It’s a great question! You can literally choose from hundreds of Sydney school cleaners, so, why would you choose us? In a nutshell, peace of mind. To find out more, please read our 15 point Peace of Mind promise.

Q: What do your school cleaning packages include?

A: Our school cleaning packages can include anything you want because we tailor it to your needs. However, here’s a brief list of the types of cleaning we include:

  • Classrooms cleaned
  • Vacuuming all indoor environments
  • Mopping all hard surfaces
  • Buffing and polishing hard surfaces
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning kitchens
  • Cleaning external areas: Blowing leaves and/or pressure cleaning the hard surface or foot paths
  • Waste removal and pressure cleaning & sanitising bins if needed
  • Window cleaning, as required

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